Fuck This Year

Who would not want to leave 2017 behind themselves and get to the new and shiny 2018 as soon as possible? We were aboard the same wagon. So, we started 2018 with a take that’s as fresh as it gets - Fuck 2017, three time over.


Reebok Owns The Zone

When Reebok Running Squad  approached us with the intent to transform their identity, we went completely bonkers with the zone and owned it. Well, so did Reebok.


We wanted to explore all facets of runnings and the motion it entails with this project. The result was an identity that stems from the running track and a motto that seeks to enliven the runner’s psyche to strengthen it even more. Check out the full case study on the website


To know more about the process that we went through to arrive to the zone, read our interview with Design Fabric.


Indianama x Kulture Shop

Celebrating the enigma that Indianama was, Kulture Shop wrote about the inspiration that fuelled it and how it came into being - its journey right from the coffee table to the walls of London Design Festival.  


The prints from the 2017 Edition are now up for grabs on Kulture Shop.

Power-packed, says DSSC

With another terrific turn of events, Animal made it to the DSSC Power Packers 2017 list.  DSSC is a leading curator of immersive experiences in the country with a superior member base. As might be expected, we were ecstatic. Take a look at the full list of the awardees here.


Amnesty International India

Nothing makes us happier than the opportunities that let us use design and visual communication for the greater good. This time, we paired up with Amnesty International India to talk about how harmful pellet guns can be, as opposed to what they say about them.