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With an experience in various creative disciplines across mediums, you see a personal enemy in status-quo. You love working with teams of art/copy/code/clowns to generate powerful ideas for some of the most interesting brands to work with. Level : 7 years and above.


You're the art-director who comes with ideally an experience of 3-6 years in advertising and design. Illustration and other amazing things you make over the weekend, are the things that keep you awake.


Moving images. Moving type. Moving to music. Moving with times. You do it all. You dig that Coldplay music video as much as you like the opening sequence in all Bond movies. You can move anything on the planet, except conspiracy theorists.


We're looking for work with and collaborate with creatives based in New York City. If you're a freelancer with experience in any of the disciplines above, let us know and we'll talk. 


You love brands and people, and the business they do together. You have an experience in making great ideas take flight. And have burnt enough oil to know the difference between what it takes and what mustn't. You own your brand and flaunt it on Saturday nights. Level : 5 years and above.


You're born of wit, humor and ideas. You've lived in the jungle, the dungeons and the coffee shops. You're a writer, with a good taste of art and design, and coffee-flavored lips. 


You could re-program the Skynet into believing it's a coffee machine. You think logically, have better command over Unity / Unity3D than Tony Stark and you love the internet. Show us what you got.


You've moved past emojis, memes and the comment section. You hate twitter contests, like for likes and post copies that are longer than the recipe for Kombucha. You love Instagram. 



None of the above? Write to us at Over-enthusiastic, over-talented and under-rated folks is our thing!