Animal is an independent creative agency making work with brands to create identities, advertising, films, events, websites and content with a focus on design and strategy.






Making advertising look less like advertising and more like a story well told.




Creating content through video, graphics, stop motion, still photography, 360° videos amongst other things we like to invent.




Undertaking brand and market research to fathom the brand’s needs and positioning, alongwith building on the existing brand voice and visual language.




Collaboration is in our DNA. Since it's inception, Animal has been a platform for creative collaboration between folks from different backgrounds and interests. 




Generating and integrating the brand language in social media activations, managing and overseeing online marketing strategies and solutions.




Working with motion design to accentuate brand communication or produce dynamic pieces of work for various content channels.




An all encompassing approach to event design needs and promotions across social media platforms, outdoor and print ads.




Creating Television commercials, animated films, 360° videos, short films, web series and such with in-house talent as well as collaboration.




Print and outdoor campaigns for product and brand communications.




We're experimenting with VR to create interesting ways of providing immersive brand experiences.


Core Team


Kunel is the founder creative director at Animal. He started his career as a graphic designer with DDB working on sign design and guidelines for Delhi Metro in collaboration with London Underground. After a small stint in Web design He moved to advertising full time working through agencies like JWT, Saatchi & Saatchi and Wieden + Kennedy where he won awards and recognition for his work on Pepsi, Nokia, National Geographic Channel amongst others. He founded Animal in 2014. His most recent endeavour includes Indianama - a platform to showcase and create dialogue on Indian contemporary design.

He grew up closely studying Dana Scully's extraterrestrial escapades and still believes that the truth is out there. 



Co-founder of Animal, Sharon is an award winning creative director with an experience of 8 years in Advertising, Graphic Design and Social Media. Brands she's worked with include Pepsico, Samsung, The Times Of India, Lavie, Adidas, Telenor, Future Group amongst others. She is also an illustrator and photographer rolled into one. Recently, she won 5 international and 3 Indian awards for an initiative she worked on with Salaam Balak Trust - inventing a school bag that doubles as a solar powered lamp for kids to study in night. 



He holds a Masters of Animation from Supinfocom, India and a Diploma in 3D Animation and VFX from MAAC.  He’s been animating the world around him from 2012 and has been featured on Vice - Creators Project, Fubiz, Gizmodo, Gigazine, Design Taxi, CG Society, MinuteBuzz, Devour and Laughing Squid.  In addition to this, he has a bunch of accolades and awards to his credit. 

So it may come as a mild shock that Pranay finds time to indulge in his pastime activities like reading good fiction, traveling, taking short naps, and cycling (often at the same time) and playing video games. 



Manoj Pandey is a writer/illustrator based in Delhi. His works have appeared in Creative Review, The Huffington Post, Litro London, The Indian Express, The Wellington Libraries, University of Oklahoma’s literary journal, World Literature Today, Cannes Lions, and Twitter blog, among others. And has been exhibited in Tate, London, Art Review and other places. In 2014, he was named as one of the 200 Best Illustrators in the world by Lurzer’s Archive. Its 200 Specials annual also featured pages from a chapbook he wrote and designed. He was a speaker at D&AD Kyoorius Design Yatra, 2016. And his book of short fiction featuring Salman Rushdie, Margaret Atwood, Shashi Tharoor, and other acclaimed authors was recently published by HarperCollins India.

Of recent, his initiative to make literature accessible to the common man is slowly gaining acclaim as The World’s Largest ‘Public’ Library.



Pranav Bhardwaj is a self-taught Designer who started his career as a Copywriter. Over the years, he has done award-winning work in creative shops like Google, Wieden+Kennedy, JWT and independent boutique agencies. Some of the brands he has worked extensively on are Nike, Audi, Google, Make in India, Oxfam, Global Citizen, Heineken, Royal Enfield. His artworks have been exhibited at the prestigious London Design Festival, Indian Express, Time Out Magazine among others.

His award winning design for the iconic Absolut bottle was exhibited at the India Art Fair. Through his project Graphic Songs, he believes the world would be a better place if music became the universal language of expression, one song at a time. 



The Rimbaud of Agra, he was notorious for dressing like a flaneur and taking his turtle for a walk in the evenings, and speaking to the locals in French, often reading Ophelia to chai-wallahs, until he was drugged and dumped in an asylum by his father. There,  among like-minded nuts, he found home. His favourite inmate was the woman who thought she was a tree. Soon, his acerbic wit made him the first among equals, and after a short fling with the warden, he escaped. The train that he took got him to the capital, where , for a short while, he peddled poetry at roadside tea stalls. On one such day he was discovered by a Creative Director from an advertising agency, and thus began his career as scum.

Or so he believes.



With a Master’s degree in Marketing Communications and fascination with Digital Media and the diversity it entails, Sanjana started her career as an Account Executive at Blogworks, before joining Animal. With Client Servicing, Social Media Planning and what not on her plate - there seldom comes a moment when she’s not taking calls and making sure that we're chasing deadlines with all we've got. This tea enthusiast usually travels and reads when she’s not working.  



Originally an Architect from Mumbai, Jaynish has a Master’s degree in Interaction Design from Domus Academy, Milan, Italy. He later landed an internship which made him fall in love with Augmented Reality Technology. Because of this shift in design discipline, he has worked on a myriad of projects of different scales and sizes. As part of Animal, he’s mixing his experience as a Spatial Designer and his passion for new technology to create fascinating digital and spatial experiences to the table. 

His interests include all things tech and a lot of travelling, with his camera as a companion. Part-time DJing, learning the keyboard and holding heritage walks in the older parts of Mumbai are all a part of his never-ending quest for everything that’s interesting. 



Our tasty little croissant here, has a Master’s Degree in Visual Communication from ECV Nord Europe, Lille, France and has been an exchange student at Shrishti School of Art, Design and Technology, Bangalore. He brings to the table a fresh pace of work, and has a pleasantly irritating tendency of including floral patterns in his artwork. His interests revolve around design, a deep curiosity and fascination for textile and fabric and photography. Apart from this he’s passionate about being away from home, and being a globe-trotting creative mind - and of course, not a fan of spicy food.

With a career spanning a little more than a year, he has two of his projects featured under Excellent Packaging and Excellent Branding Identity published by Higtone Publishing Limited.



An impulsive writer and compulsive procrastinator, Snigdha is a business graduate turned copywriter, along with being the youngest member of the Animal family. Captivated and forever distracted by the possibilities that words and visuals have, she’s adequately functional with a pile of paper when coffee and deadlines are around the corner.  

Apart from weaving words around brands, she reads, paints, photographs, renames her playlists every two days and tests herself on whether she can get worse at time management. Honestly, we’ve lost hope. Netflix and YouTube top her list of happy places.



The resident know-it-all, Suresh is our go-to for everything under the sun - from snippets of office gossip to heavy-duty repairs. Our functionality starts to deter when he's not around, as he’s the only one trying to make things relatively easier around the place.


He’s our favourite hidden gem, because when he’s not busy maintaining the sanity of the caffeine-deprived humans that we are, you can find him listening to music or fiddling around with a camera and papers and pencils and brushes, succeeding at something we can only dream about - patiently creating art.



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