Our focus was on creatives that led to engagements with Snapdeal – questions that probed into customer’s favourite offers, hashtag contests that encouraged creativity around the brand and addressing the trending issues with the tweet tying it to an exclusive offer. If the iron is hot, we shall strike.  


Perhaps your website was a joke. Or your joke turned to a website. Unbox all your passions this weekend.


Plan out buildings, or build plans around planets. Unbox all your passions this weekend.


"Get rid of systems that are buggy, comment here to #UnboxZindagi" - this in a nutshell is the way we handled Facebook. Catchy lines that are product feature or promo centric - and gratifies public engagement in the form of tagging your friends, commenting first to win goodies etc.  


360 video for Snapdeal Denim Store, featuring brands like Levi's / Pepe Jeans / Lee Cooper / Wrangler amongst others.


The way we approached Instagram for the brand was to keep it positioned as a premium lifestyle portal. The visual language and the overall tone of the copy as well shifted towards leisure, hobbies and desires.