Instagram Stories have changed the way we consume video content. OnePlus ISFF was a vertical film festival where participants were supposed to upload 60 second films on their Stories, using #OnePlusISFF. The contest was live for 15 days and the participants were asked to Make It Vertical. Make It Iconic.


We kickstarted ISFF with a digital film. The film was inspired by various genres of cinema, mashed up into one to highlight the vertical. This was followed by many more short films and prompts for participation. We received hundreds of entries and also saw a spike in brand engagement and love.


We received entries that range from cinematic films to animated videos that were created on phone, digital camera or software.


With OnePlus ISFF the brand manageD
to expand its online community beyond photographers. Participants let their imagination run wild, which was presented in beautiful vertical spectacles. With a 24-hour validity on Insta Stories, the viewers and followers watched new films every day by searching for the campaign hashtag. The campaign found love that still lives on, just search for #OnePlussISFF on Instagram and get ready for a movie marathon.

ISFF_Logo White2.jpg