The internet of Me.


The internet, as we know it, is a loop that starts and ends where the users are. They own it. We own it. Our creative territory was hence primed for them - the creators and the consumers.

Internet of Me changes the fabric of how we live online. With personality-driven content that drives sharing, every user now has his/her their own digital space ruled by their choice of content. It liberates them to think, create and do something, anything that shouts me.


Ancient men were almost right.
The sun doesn’t revolve around you. But the internet sure does.


Look within yourself and you’ll find a cursor pointing at craziness.



A key aspect of our brand identity is the logo engaging with the elements within the experience. The logo covers the image from left to right while as an extension to the logo itself, the wave is being used as a branding element of Meaww.

With the use of different vibrant icons replacing the ‘ea’ in the logo, the complete image is what the overtone of the brand suggests - personal, youthful and all about the ‘internet of me’. The icon changes and takes shape from the mood of the image, hence completing the identity and bringing out one clear emotion from the creative.


For the fans of leisure, the connoisseurs of chill.