Fuck 2017

When we were rounding off last year and everything that made 2017 unique right after 2016 and right before 2018 - snuggling in the middle of two equally unique years, we counted down the good and bad things that happened in 2017. Boiling down to 3 broad topics - News, Technology and Environment.


Feature 1

As you’ll see, three of these are completely different in terms how they feel and sound. But at the same time, they are tied together through the strands of slight disarray. Each film has a design style that corresponds to the dominating elements in the subjects. Red, black and white screamed ‘NEWS!” at us, the earthy colours form the elemental palette for ENVIRONMENT and a dab of blue and yellow for STARTUPS as nothing says fresh, and bright better.



Sure, we might have missed out so many happenings - but then, Instagram won’t allow a video of 3 hours to be uploaded, right? But this sure was an exercise in therapy for us, since it really allows us to shed all the baggage of the year that’s been and look ahead - and sure, we’ll probably hate the next year too, but we have 365 unprepared days to test it out! (No. It’s not a leap year. We checked.)



So, on the last day of an eventful 2017, we raised a toast to your good health, and the nation’s good wealth. If you’re between relationships, hope you find your special someone - if you’re between genders, hope you find your special surgeon.


Here’s to a glorious 2018 filled with cheer, so how about we finally fuck 2017?