The Everything Epicentre


For some, it’s Monday morning meetings, and for some it’s Friday night revelry. This dichotomy meant that the identity had to have both poise and panache. We went about this way with legacy as our starting point. The existing logo proved to be a fertile zone.


Locus Focus


Our take on the logo was a cleaner, sharper reimagining of the old design, fine-tuned for form, function, and philosophy.


The how of now

CyberHub is as Gurgaon as the city’s daily din and the towers of glass. The new-age identity, then, was born of legacy to stay true to its G-town roots.

The ‘full circle’ of the old logo was given a do-over, losing its unnecessary frills for a crisp, bold avatar -- then reborn as a bold ‘C’. The ‘notches’ of the previous logo were retained, now alluding to a central point that different individuals are converging towards. Each notch is different in its width, further establishing the diversity of the people that CyberHub welcomes every day.

Type wasn’t altered -- DIN is delightful in its timeless modernity, and that worked perfectly. To increase readability, however, it was taken to uppercase.


The start of
something great


84 different businesses find home at the ‘Hub, and each of them is different in what they offer and what they do. To  bring out the idea that they’re all an integral part of something greater, the identity needed to be extendable for various purposes.

The monochrome approach was designed to be ‘medium-fluid’ -- multiple forms could easily be given to this base identity.


Where you at?


If Gurgaon is the place, CyberHub is the place to be.. This new-age twist on its legacy identity makes it as contemporary, fresh, and bold as the place itself. The question, then, that the brand often loves to ask also becomes a tantalizing invitation.

Where you at?