Even though it’s about people and places, logistics is a cold, mechanical category. Delhivery do it different. Their brand of business is human-led and machine-driven, using both these pillars to become the country’s finest B2B and B2C shippers.


We started things off with the brand’s tone and positioning. There was a definitive need to stand out in a sea of established, traditionally corporate competition. This began with our strapline: a simple, everyday phrase that’s human at heart, and yet speaks to Delhivery’s ultimate quest : Small world.


Everyone talks about speed and efficiency, but we get into the how. Delhivery use their cutting-edge tech to take things places— this is represented by a custom-made bold neo-modernist font that leaves out a square at either corners of the wordmark. This ‘missing’ shape conveys the origin and destination points of every package, depicting the brand itself as the connecting path.


Deconstructing the wheel


It may all be about getting from A to B, but just because it is simple doesn’t mean it’s easy. To represent the many aspects of everyday business, we created a visual device inspired by, fittingly, an invention that did its fair bit of moving about.

Comprised of seven pieces inside a square, the tangram was a wildly popular puzzle game that originated in China. Trade ships in the early 19th century brought it to every corner of Europe, where it gained widespread popularity: a true cultural export.

We chose this device to convey the complexities and layers of everyday business. Inside a comprehensive iconography system, each of its seven pieces twist and turn to take on new forms and depict the oft-invisible aspects of logistics.