Worth its wait. In Gold.


What sets the Magnum is more than just the sum of its parts. The finest barley and hops in the world go into making this masterpiece, but the greatest ingredient of them all is not up for sale: time.

Every barrel of Magnum undergoes a process called ‘beechwood ageing’, where, true to the name, the beer is aged over a bed of beechwood for 21 days. This is essential: the beechwood grants it natural carbonation, and advances its full-bodied taste to maturity. This process is continued for 21 days – twice as long as the ageing duration of any other beer.

This attention to detail and pursuit of perfection shaped our campaign philosophy, using a product truth as a sign of craftsmanship: the Budweiser Magnum is, simply, Aged Twice.


Made, not manufactured.


Magnum Opus


What makes craft so essential also makes it elusive. The painstaking pursuit of it is virtually invisible. So we knew there had to be a way to symbolise the arduous process, one that would inextricably marry the beer to the idea of brilliant craft.

Thus the Machine was born. For our campaign, both film and BTL, we decided to create a kinetic machine, replete with everything that would stand in as a metaphor for the elaborate journey it takes to make the Magnum. This also led us to an articulation that would form the base of much of the campaign:
Brilliance isn’t born. It’s brewed.


Experience Experience


This the Budweiser Magnum. It’s brewed with tradition and built with time – and the promise of Aged Twice is a craft that makes it so delightfully decadent.

The next time you have one in your hands, admire it, and then savour it. It took at least 21 days for it to get there.