For Gazelle, we portrayed the appearance of the everyday person throughout the years ranging from the 1960s to the 2000s. First, to highlight the look of the those eras via photographs and then to bring out a side more relevant to the present through art re-appropriation.


we collaborated with photographer prerna nainwal, to create looks for MERRYLIN BORO, Arman menzies and SABA AZAD inspired from past decades. As evident, these photographs were used to create something new - by inviting artists to cut, paste, sketch, doodle or digitally manipulate through decades.


ART Re-Appropriation


Re-Appropriation is using an already available palette, an already existing piece of art perhaps, that is dated - and to take that piece, and play with it visually and conceptually, in order to 're-appropriate' it to a contemporary context. Popularly confused with stealing - our idea was to change the purpose of the artwork, and in that process, creating something relevant to today.