What’s this urgent need

Of smoking weed, of smoking yourself, honey

Making love to, money

Licking diamonds, spitting Silver, swallowing Gold

Too young to spend it, never too old


I’m dead, and buried many times

To their kisses, to their charms

And I’m dying again, tonight

I think I pissed her off

I think I fucked it up, once again



Sexy me. Sexy me. Sexy me.

Yes that’s me, looking at you from up here

But you’re not here

You’re there, in that cum river

The cum of some self-pitying jackass


That taste of cocoa, is still on my lips

And strawberry on my tongue

The sweet caramel syrup, still in my blood

That smell of kiwi, still in my lungs

I can swim forever, in the sweetness of grapes

And drip of marshmallow sweat,

with the stink of jellies




Let me live, live this one night

This one hour, this one second, this one time

Since I can’t live forever, like her

The one

The only one, that ever will be

I would rather live in this trance

For all the time, I will ever be



Tasty tasty Scarlet

I could spend decades of my life

Some four million hours, just sitting here

And if there’s still left to waste

I would waste myself, to this taste



Love is nothing but lust, on Cocaine

It’s only natural, why go through the pain

Lick her stink, smell his flesh

Take her down to dance, down under you

Make him smooch those lips, till they leak

Get her to wait, make her a little weak


. . .